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Here’s What Some Satisfied Customers Have to Say

Some of these reviews were submitted on other websites. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by these websites.

Was so happy to find a service provider in Santa Cruz that actually wants my business! Ken has worked on several properties for me and without fail he answers the phone, (or quickly replies to a text), is very punctual, friendly, fair priced and honestly just a good guy. I appreciate that he takes the time to separate materials that can be recycled therefore keeping them out of the landfill. I also love that he is such a good family man and occasionally brings one of his sons to help out on a project. He always texts a before and after picture showing what all he has done for me and I just think that is great.

Colleen R., Campbell, CA, 02/10/2020

Ken was absolutely fantastic. He is extremely efficient, timely and professional. Not to mention very affordable. His response time is almost immediate (which is rare)! I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to haul goods.

Beth C., Santa Cruz, CA, 02/27/2020

If you want the job done professionally in a timely and cost effective manner, call this man/All Goods Hauling & Junk Removal.
Our bridge to our island home was red tagged 2 days after we closed the sale. Over one year of no car access, we renovated and gutted and all the concrete, appliances, siding, insulation, etc accumulated around our garage (the images dont show all of it). By the end, it looked like a hoarder had moved in, and I insisted to anyone who visited, "Dont look over there!"
I want to express my gratitude to Ken and his company. He was consistently professional and available by phone or text at all times. He was detailed and always forthcoming with information and time/costs. I let him know I wasn't in a hurry, however he treated the job as though I was a priority. As an aside, he's personable and funny. A+ business.

Merrit G., Ben Lomand, CA, 01/04/2020

What service!!
Fantastic, professional and courteous service. I called All Goods Hauling this morning for a last minute garbage haul and Ken answered my call and made it work and came out for me before lunch time. I was impressed! I will call him again for any future hauling needs I have. Hands down, a very nice and honest person.

Denise C., Saratoga, CA, 06/04/2019

All Goods Electronics and their staff members know what it means to give HIGH quality customer service... I've been on the search for a cord that would connect my printer to the wall for several months... Who would've known that one e-mail to All Goods would solve my problem immediately! Not only did they immediately respond to my request (within 12 hours) but they were able to get me the exact cord that I needed... It cost $5 (which is VERY affordable compared to Best Buy) and when I didn't have cash and offered to pay by debit card... They said "Hey, it's Friday! Just have it for free!"... Now, if that's not good customer service... I don't know what it is... I would highly recommend All Goods Electronics to anyone with any type of electronic needs... And rest assured, they have a permanent customer in me!
Thanks, Amie Stratton

Amie S., Scotts Valley, CA, 06/26/2015

Years ago the Hi Tech company where I worked, (to remain nameless) gave some old computers to an e-waste collector. It took a few months to trace the security breach to find out how these data bandits got their pertinent info, but bank accounts were hacked and it was a MAJOR pain to get all of the damages contained and rectified. I don't ever want to deal with that again and I am confident that I won't have to so long as we entrust our electronic surplus to All Goods Electronics. I explained my past experience to them and they offered to let me watch their data destruction service in action. I personally went to their warehouse and saw the gated entrance, the surveillance system and the secure room where hard drives are kept and destroyed. We have had them out to our business several times and Ken and his crew are always punctual and efficient and they really do provide a great service with a smile. I get a certificate of destruction with all donations and I even got a check from them once for $400, (for some PoE switches we gave them that they refurbished and resold). I would gladly recommend this company to anyone that needs to make sure that their electronics are recycled responsibly.

Geoffery S., Rosewood, CA, 06/26/2015

Nothing was scarier than handing over my old electronics to someone to dispose of until I meet Ken! They even came to my location and picked up our computers! Super trustworthy and easy to work with!

Melanie L., San Jose, CA, 06/26/2015

I called All Goods Electronics because they were recommended by a friend who said they were his favorite E-Waste recycling company. They showed up on time, clean, efficient and professional. Nice guys too. We got a certificate of destruction for the hard drives a few days later, (as promised). I will certainly use them again and would gladly recommend their services for your surplus and recycling needs. All Goods is all good!

Mike W., San Jose, CA, 06/26/2015

We had a HUGE eyesore of a TV sitting in our front yard for quite a while before I read a writeup about Ken and All Goods Electronic Recycling. Once I put down the article, I immediately called to see if he could come to pick up and remove the TV. Not only did he come to my house to get the TV, but he was there a day after I made the call. It was a huge service (and relief), and I'm forever grateful that he has this business. I would not hesitate to use this company to pick up any and all my e-waste. Seriously, 100% worth the call.

Jamye W., Scotts Valley, CA, 06/26/2015

AGE E-waste was just what our business needed. We were consolidating and had a lot of downsizing needs. Ken and crew were professional, experienced, and flexible with my changing schedule. I'll use them again. Jim Gerlack Infrastructure Manager. Silicon Valley.

Leslie G., Scotts Vallet, CA, 06/26/2015

Ken donated monitors and other computer supplies to help our church start our computer center in Watsonville to benefit economically disadvantaged youth! Thanks, Ken. Kind and helpful!! -Rev Dan

Dan H., Watsonville, CA, 06/26/2015

Great company to do business with. I had a big television that I needed to get rid of. I wanted to recycle it and a friend recommended All Goods Electronics. They came over the same morning I called and picked it up. They are very courteous, professional and convenient. I'm glad the TV is gone and especially glad that it is being properly recycled.

Robert C., Scotts Vally, CA, 06/26/2015

Ken donated some USB mice that we badly needed for our classroom laptops. I called him in the morning, and he left them out for me to pick up the same day. He's so easy to deal with, and mostly, I love that Ken is recycling all this stuff. I'm so glad you are here.

Karin G., Felton, CA, 06/26/2015

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