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Smarter and Environmentally-Friendly Electronics Recycling

Electronics are everywhere. Homes and Offices are filled with them; from Living Rooms and common areas to individual cubicles, they power everything. New Technology is rapidly shifting and evolving and older electronics are quickly becoming obsolete. As a result, many of our commercial clients struggle to properly dispose of their electronic surplus, (E-waste). Unfortunately, computers, laptops, keyboards, servers, and other electronics very negatively impact the environment once discarded. All Goods Hauling offers electronics recycling and Data Destruction Services to Bay Area customers. We can remove your surplus equipment and make sure it is responsibly recycled.

Electronic waste

We Adhere to Strict Laws Imposed by the State of California

At All Goods Hauling & Recycling, eco-friendliness is a watchword. We work hard to develop practices that emphasize environmental health. We do so by using all the resources at our disposal to find new homes for used equipment and by offering a buyback programs to our clients. One of the most significant benefits of working with our company is our experience. Over the years, we’ve developed best practices that allow us to deliver superior services to enable our clients to boast more environmentally-friendly practices themselves. Some of the additional reasons to work with us include.

Data Destruction Services
  • We have a zero-landfill policy on any recyclable item.
  • Data Destruction Services to D.O.D. Standard with Certificate.
  • Detailed/itemized inventory of assets under our care.
  • Server Room, IT Closet and Warehouse Cleanout Service.

We Can Help Boost Your Reputation as Eco-Friendly!

Our zero-landfill policy means no electronics equipment will end up in the Bay Area’s many overflowing landfills. There’s always an up-and-coming company, school system, or company looking for gently-used electronic equipment. We maintain a network of resources that allow our team to find new homes for the materials you’re getting rid of. Before you toss your old computers, keyboards, and office supplies, consider working with All Goods Hauling to reduce your surplus responsibly!

We Provide Top-Notch Data Destruction Services

In addition to top-flight electronics recycling and waste removal and hauling services, we perform secure data destruction. Santa Clara County businesses need to ensure sensitive information isn’t on the computers and devices they get rid of. That’s where All Goods Hauling comes in. Our company can strategically remove that data from your equipment before we proceed with our E-waste recycling services. Don’t open yourself to a data breach that damages your reputation and causes client losses. Instead, reach out to our data removal experts to expedite the equipment upgrade process.

stack of computers

Why Working with All Goods Hauling Is Your Best Bet

All Goods Hauling destroys data according to strict Department of Defense guidelines, meaning we protect your company’s privacy in the same manner we would the United States military. Proper data destruction is a crucial skill, one that many companies aren’t situated to perform. We are. We know how to wipe hard drives clean and clear external devices thoroughly. Among the benefits of working with our company is our commitment to sound best practices. For instance, when you contract All Goods Hauling to perform data erasure services, you can rely on us to:

  • Execute complete data removal tactics
  • Provide a detailed certificate of destruction upon completion
  • Deliver a comprehensive report during and following the project

Trust Us, We’ve Been Doing This for Over 20 Years!

All companies – both large and small – should guard their privacy with the utmost intensity. All Goods Hauling makes it easier. We can combine our data destruction services with electronics recycling, ensuring your old equipment doesn’t end up in a landfill. We pride ourselves on being an environmentally-sound company and respecting the privacy of our clients at the same time. Our technicians are trustworthy and experienced, which ensures the smooth destruction of the data on your P.C.’s, Laptops, Servers, Hard Drives, etc.

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